Fitness Classes

Yoga Workout

A great way to imporve your flexibility, stamina, and muscle tone. Please bring your own Yoga mat!

Zumba Cardio Workout & ABS

Dance-oriented class combined with AB workout to sculpt your body while working out. If you like to dance, this class is for you.

Unlimited Met-Riser Workout

Want a great tone-up workout combined with step and body-sculpting training? Join us for this 70 minute energetic workout and kick-start your weekend.

Spinning Workout

Fun, high-intensity workout that burns an average of 750-1,000 calories over 45 minutes on a bike. Ride the bike to the rhythm of the music.

Unlimited Step Circuit and Tone

Fun, energetic workout on the step with some athletic choreography. We complete the class with some core strength workout and cool-down stretches.

Unlimited Cardio/Sculpt Fusion

It’s all about energy, fun, and intensity with sports-inspired cardio plus non-stop body sculpting workout… It’s all in one class!

Unlimited Cardio Kickbox/Sculpt

Energetic cardio workout program inspired by martial arts and self defense. Plus, followed by some conditioning workouts and a relaxing cooldown stretch.

Unlimited Water Aerobics

Fun total body workout by using water resistance in the pool. A 15 minute walk in the pool is almost equal to a 30 minute walk on the treadmill.

Please always share with your instructor if you are new to exercise or a particular class, as well as any health limitation you may have. No matter what level, you will feel the instruction allows you to modify your workout enabling you to challenge yourself. All classes are designed to suit all fitness levels, for both men and women.